I am an entrepreneur and began consultations with Lara right after launching a new business. Before our initial consultation, Lara sent me a link to an online assessment – which took about 10 minutes to complete. My results were sent to me very timely and I was able to read through them prior to our meeting. During the consult, Lara walked me through the results of my assessment in detail. The results highlighted my natural tendencies, strengths, energy levels, and even the way I perceive the world. Knowing these things is so important to understanding how to communicate (professionally and romantically), understanding when I am most efficient throughout the day, being aware of my strengths and knowing how to apply them, and understanding what I need in order to feel fulfilled in my work/life. I’ve never experienced such a personalized coaching session. I left our appointment not only motivated to take on this new career path, but was given tactical tools to do so. Lara put a lot of time and energy into the consultation and I highly recommend that anyone looking to progress in business and in life to work with Lara. Thank you so much Lara!

– Michaela Rosdahl, Co-Founder, BriteIdea Consulting

My wife and I met with Lara just a few days before we got married. Not only were we transitioning into a new chapter of our lives together, but I was also transitioning to living in a new country. She helped me realize how important communication is in a relationship and also how important it is to not only take care of your partner, but important to take care of yourself. She taught me how to think more positively, and have more overall emotional energy. She allowed me to further understand my problems and learn how to overcome those challenges. I learned more about myself and my wife’s personality to allow us to have a stronger relationship. Lara helped me to identify my talents and utilize them to achieve my full potential. I would strongly recommend Lara for her coaching services.

– Florian Castrillo

Lara has helped me understand my underlying traits and talents. Using the Ultimate Life Tool and her unique coaching skills, she provided the tools to help me progress in my personal relationships and business life. I highly recommend the Ultimate Life Tool and coaching with Lara for any individual. This opportunity will also help you better understand the important people in your life and strengthen those relationships.

– Emily Castrillo

I have taken numerous skill assessments, performance reports and personality style tests, several within the past 5 years. They have all provided interesting feedback, seemed fairly accurate and there were no actual surprises. However, the ULT assessments and performance report were a source of surprise. They delved into a depth of study of me which was impressive and unique in utilizing evidence-based research and data.

The deep knowledge provided by this life science assessment was incredible. There were points of which not only was I not aware, on a conscious level, but provided a scope of self learning and wisdom about interpersonal relationships that I had not previously known. Armed with this knowledge, I can better support my clients in catapulting their intended results and understand where and why their blocks may occur. I have had more patience and compassion with those close to me, which is helpful in day to day living and reducing any relationship stressors.

Lara is a keen facilitator and a knowledgeable coach. In utilizing the tools from the ULT program, she excels at presenting information and education in an organized, insightful, helpful and respectful manner. She is passionate about the results the programs can deliver and her sincere wish and ability to support and help comes through in her work and presentation style.

She stands for her clients’ success and does all she can to empower them in achieving their most authentic and powerful self. She entrenches herself in the robust program and ensures that she is fully prepared to explain the complex facets of the programs to her clients. As Lara learns and grows with her company, it is obvious that she will be a shining light and a super star. I feel honored and privileged to work with her and I am very grateful for all of the tools that I have learned from working with Lara.

– Catherine Mowbray-Lorenz, Founder, Prosperous Presenters

The time I invested with Lara and the Ultimate Life Tool was absolutely invaluable. Through my time with Lara and exploring the findings of the ULT, I gained insight into how to maximize my day, my career and my relationships.

I have always been a doer and in order to be productive, I would wake up every morning and immediately start working through the day’s to-do list. By the evenings, I would crash. However, through working with Lara, I learned that given my natural traits, I would actually be more productive, fulfilled and balanced by using my morning to take things in and establish a plan, while using my days to lead and delegate, and my late afternoons to power through my tasks. The result has been nothing but positive – more energy, better balance and increased happiness.

In working with Lara, I also learned how to better function in my various relationships. Whether they are personal or professional relationships, I learned more about how others perceive my personality. I gained greater understanding on when and where my relationships succeed and how to better avoid the specific things that cause them to struggle.

Lara’s advice was both big picture and small; long term and short. She offered me strong advice and gave me specific, tangible things I can do to better myself starting today. Some were really easy changes and others required more effort but they all resulted in a better me.

– Katelyn Lau, Pharmaceutical Sales Consultant, Shionogi Inc.

The ULT dives into your personal characteristics, drivers, energy and so much more. While I highly recommend taking the test, the true value add is the time Lara puts into educating you on your results and how she coaches you based on them. Lara spent hours with me. She gave me tips and tools to be sure my energy was at the best level – something I had not realized was actually quite depleted.

Further, she was able to pinpoint particular areas of interest or concern for me that I previously hadn’t noticed or wasn’t giving appropriate attention to. Since having the assessment and gaining a greater insight into key personal drivers, I have found myself in a great space mentally and physically. Further, I’ve applied to tool to my business relationships as well. The tool and Lara’s insight is invaluable and truly life altering. I will continue to grow from the experience and plan on having the assessment done regularly.

– Mallory West, Founder-Partner, Hunter-SF Recruiting

Lara Schulte is a passionate life coach who truly cares about each and every client she works with. I found meaning and depth in our conversation as she helped clarify my passions and strengths. Lara is an excellent listener, mentor, and friend.  I highly recommend Lara Schulte to anybody that needs extra support or direction in their life or career.

– Annie Bransky, Fashion Executive

As a coach, Lara has a sincere interest in understanding who I am. Her genuine care and practical insight has helped me further identify my motivational drivers and underlying needs. Lara’s work with The Ultimate Life Tool provided me with a way to further understand myself. She gave me a practical look at my natural self and helped me identify what was working or not working across different areas of my life. I really enjoy working with Lara and value her deep understanding of this valuable assessment tool.

-Kate Blackie, University Advisor, M.A., MFT

Lara was extremely helpful in helping me understand my own natural patterns and personality traits that uncovered my strengths. It has helped me tremendously in understanding my husbands and I and our differences and how we can relate and connect with more understanding of each others peak times of communication. Her insight has changed the way I view my potential and process at home and in my business. I highly recommend Lara and can’t wait to take the assessment with her again!

– Ruthie Edelson, Empowering Life Coach

My fiance and I were fortunate enough to work with Lara and the Ultimate Life Tool.  While we have been to counseling sessions before, this was not that in the least.  Instead of simply airing out problems we were facing, we were educated on how to understand one another on a deeper levelWe were able to grasp what makes our partner act, and react, certain ways, and how to best take care of ourselves as individuals in order to build the most fulfilling life possible together.  I would absolutely recommend Lara to anyone preparing to start their lives together, or even couples who are just interested in better understanding one another. 

– Haley Fulbright, Health Information Technology Solutions Consultant 

I enjoyed the process of coaching with Lara and using the Ultimate Life Tool. The experience gave me a better understanding of myself, as well as my partner. Using the Ultimate Life Tool helped my husband and I to understand and communicate better.

-Greta Ervin, Interior Designer

Taking the Ultimate Life Tool and scheduling a consultation with Lara not only helped me in my personal relationships; I have also found what I learned about myself useful with work as well. The process is incredibly interesting.  I see this being a useful tool for anyone.

–Luke Ervin, Financial Planner

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