Business Coaching

Business Coaching is a tool used to help businesses and professionals of all kinds excel and get the most out of where they spend most of their time, at work! Designed specifically to address growth, management, communication and happiness in the workplace. Business coaching will help you achieve the professional success you desire.

Areas of expertise include:

        • Career Management
        • Career Transition
        • Executive Coaching
        • Leadership Development
        • Management Training
        • Professional Relationship Management
        • Building Culture


Hiring and Pre-Employment Advice:

In building or operating any business it is crucial the right people are put in place. Oftentimes hiring the right person proves challenging to business owners, executives and managers and they end up frustrated with turnover and who they hire.

In using the The ULT Assessment ® Lara is able to assess human potential and performance by addressing one’s nature and how they interact with others. The assessment helps Lara identify an individual’s natural traits and capabilities, communication style, tolerance and perception, allowing for businesses to hire the right people to get the job done, and excel in their environment to ensure success overtime.

On-Site Team Assessments, Coaching & Training:

Employee and Team cohesion is vital in today’s workplace. Understanding the natural characteristics of who you work with will provide you with the tools to encourage growth, deliver solutions and uphold individual and team performance.

Team assessments, coaching and trainings provide an understanding of the nature of each individual on a team and how they contribute to overall performance. Individuals and teams ultimately feel understood, appreciated and respected for each other’s differences leading to continued success.

Speaking Events

Lara, along with another Y.O.U Consulting Group (YCG) Certified Facilitator can be booked for corporate retreats, team building events, one-hour Lunch & Learn, or leadership trainings. Each speaking opportunity will be customized to meet your needs and will offer practical and relevant information, which will ultimately provide better communication and cohesion across all your team.

Team Evaluation & Trainings

Team Evaluations and Trainings consist of individual and team evaluations, followed by a training. This training will address the best way for your team to achieve success, and will identify the unique significance of each employee. Each participant will be given their customized 7-10 page assessment report, and a 1:1 private consultation. The Executive Management Team will receive an additional “Performance Optimization Training & Plan” to assist them in boosting morale, productivity and help maximize employee potential.


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