The Ultimate Life Tool

What if you had access to a tool that could allow you to remove strain from your relationships, lift your motivation, and change the way you connect with others for good? 

The Ultimate Life Tool or ULT, is a cutting edge assessment that is revolutionizing the way we understand ourselves, our colleagues, our employees, and everyone around us. 

Different than a psychological assessment that measures thoughts and beliefs, the ULT uses science and nature to validate a person’s natural characteristics, motivators, tendencies and more. Discovering these unique characteristics has the power to boost a person’s trajectory to success- in business and at home.

The 10-minute online assessment generates 7-10 pages of information and will unveil specific details about a person’s:

  • Authentic abilities
  • Drivers and motivators
  • Boundaries and level of tolerance
  • Communication styles
  • Learning styles
  • Natural perception of life
  • Current energy levels

The ULT sets the foundation for our coaching sessions and allows me to truly understand my clients. In turn, my clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves, and this combination moves mountains. Your ULT results allow me to create the most relevant and effective coaching for you.

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The ULT is approved by the Board of Registered Nursing and The International Coach Federation.

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